Deals Structuring and Facilitation

Deals Structuring and Facilitation

The Business Development & Technology Group team understands the dynamics of the African market and the challenges associated with country specific business environments across the continent. The company leverages its high level contacts in the respective countries to help investors achieve their business objectives and in sustaining their investment over the long term in an efficient and profitable manner. The Business Development & Technology Group Team understands that while Africa on the first look seems highly homogeneous to many investors, underneath it is a great diversity of economies, business environments and associated risks which ought to be managed prudently to attain good corporate performance as a business.


Business Development & Technology Group links Africa based entrepreneurs and business with viable business propositions to the right investment partners, particularly in the areas of infrastructure, energy and agriculture development.
Business Development & Technology Group has direct access to a good number of Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs), Ministries, private sector associations and regional institutional bodies that have direct policy influence when it comes to mobilizing local and foreign investments to promote development. We guide each and every first time investor or resident investors at each step of the way to do what is right, at the right time within the right context to achieve their business objectives of creating new value for profitability and growth.


Trade has become a major driver of economic growth and development for all the regions of the world and Africa certainly must position itself to benefit from its enormous potential. At Business Development & Technology Group, we actively champion trade facilitation and linkages between local distribution agents and trade representatives and their foreign suppliers. We equally help foreign businesses to locate the right suppliers of goods and services from Africa in a highly efficient and transparent manner whether it is the supply of traditional African wear, commodities such as gold or cocoa or coffee or agricultural produce such as Cassava chips or fish.

Business Development & Technology Group helps many businesses to navigate the complexities of undertaking trading activities across Africa through the deployment of local level knowledge, contacts and professional support services.
We are actively engaged in the identification and vetting of business propositions that have the potential to deliver higher value for shareholders and investors over the long and packaging them to become “investment ready”. Business Development & Technology Group is therefore a one stop shop for foreign investors looking for those top level investment opportunities in Africa to readily exploit. Our effective role as an intermediary, a facilitator guarantees excellent results within reasonable time.

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