Business and Private Security

Protect Your Business and Property

In today’s unpredictable world, your facility, employees and assets may be targeted and threatened. Together, our people and technology provide the protection you need.

Our security services range from providing one-time personal protection to developing long-term comprehensive personnel and asset protection programs.

Whether you need immediate protection or are planning for a future event, BDT will provide a thorough assessment of your situation and customize a service that best fits your needs.

Technology provides essential support to the security officers who patrol and monitor your facility. Our security officers know how to effectively use the security system designed for and installed in your facility.

Our Private security services

Along with our flexibility and adaptability, BDT pays attention to key details. When location or timing requires a change of agents, we can seamlessly transfer services without impacting our clients. Our Security services include:

  • Visitor management/lobby presence
  • Armed security professionals
  • Vehicle patrol
  • Fire life safety training
  • Physical security consulting
  • Burglary and fire alarm monitoring
  • Global Security Operations Center (GSOC)
  • Threat awareness and situational intelligence
  • Floor warden training and fire drill assistance
  • Access control
  • Remote video monitoring
  • CCTV/Video surveillance
  • Autonomous Data Machines (Robots)
  • CyCop security management software
  • Specialized industry training
  • Emergency preparedness training
  • Executive protection
  • K-9 security services
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