ICT & Technology


Today business and technology are inextricably linked. And keeping pace with the emerging technology landscape can be difficult for even the most tech-savvy leaders. BDT can help. Our technology professionals have deep experience applying technologies to help you achieve your business goals.

Technology creates the infrastructure of service organizations, enforcing and streamlining processes, boosting employee productivity, and providing real-time visibility into operational, financial and quality metrics. While some technology solutions are shared across service disciplines, such as CRM and collaboration tools, each discipline also has its unique set of innovative products, from learning management systems in education, professional services automation for PS, multi-channel and knowledge platforms for support, and dispatch and routing tools for field operations.

Technology Services

  • Accounts & Passwords
  • Backup & Storage
  • Classrooms, Labs, & Spaces
  • Collaboration & Web Services
  • Consulting Services
  • Data & Databases
  • Educational Technology
  • Email, Calendar, & Conferencing
  • Endpoint Management
  • Help & Support
  • Hosting Services
  • Network
  • Network Management
  • Printing
  • Research
  • Security & Safety
  • Software, Apps, & Buying
  • Training
  • Video Voice & Multimedia
  • Virtualization & Cloud Services
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